"Chris calmly got me through the new sales tax website, which was difficult to maneuver."
Gains Fitness
"Dave is an incredible technician. Fantastic."
Mr. Knobel
"Chris was very helpful and went above and beyond. It was great."
Bree Knight
"Fast, accurate, and friendly service! Always a pleasure to work with Rob!"
A.Rudin Design
"Kelly was very helpful."
Salzer's Records
"On a scale of 1-10 Rob was a 20. He is an out-of-box thinker. He keeps things simple and easy to find. Thanks."
C.A Buchen
"Kevin is very knowledgeable and patient when explaining new procedures and making suggestions."
Hamrock, Inc.
"Always professional service from Dave."
Paul Rekers
Paul Rekers
"Joey was very pleasant and patient. Very helpful!"
Costume Rentals Corp
"Dave was super fast fixing the problem. Two thumbs up!"
Caria Medina
Genie Harrison Law Firm
"We hired the IT and Security experts at MBSG to review our systems, to identify security holes and gaps. We are very happy with the results. The time and costs associated with this ‘second opinion’ was money well spent. https://www.mbsg.net/second-opinion"
Mark Swedelson
Pension and Profit Sharing Consultants
"You {MBSG consultants} are wonderful, kind, super smart people who have always helped us with anything we needed-- even if what we needed was just some advice. We are better off with MBSG on our side."
Alexis Lawrence
Windy Hills Food Group
"Richard, we deal with lots of IT professionals. My team has complimented the thoroughness of your work at our mutual client Star Waggons and how easy it is to work with you."
Cindy Trinidad
Rental Tracker
"You did a great job automating the expense reimbursement clearing. {Integrating Concur with Sage 100}. It is just what we needed and works great."
Dora Chahine
Vice President - Controller
The Resmark Companies
"I call, they come, they fix. End of Story."
Brett Armstrong
Integrated Display Technology
"The two happiest days of my life were the birth of my child and today when we got all of our data back. Thank you for recovering 2-1/2 years of data that we thought was gone forever."
Barefoot Dreams
"Thank you Ray. You guys rock!"
Sales Associate
Diagnostic Automation
"Richard, thank you for your excellent coordination, leadership, and hard work through our IT move. It was great working with you on this project."
General Manager
National Research Institute
"Rob provided a throrough explanation. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give him a 20. I've had experiences with other companies where the consultant rushed through the process without providing adequate information. Not so with Rob."
Pfaffinger Foundation
"Rob, he is the best!"
Office Maanager
Optimum Performance Institute
"Kevin is always patient with me. I like being able to type, while he shares my screen."
Accounting Manager
Salzers Video
"Kelly is great to work with. Really helpful."
Office Manager
"End of year is so much less stressful with Chris. She gets us ready for our accountant and she is positive and supportive."
Office Manager
Gaims Fitness
"Very good service."
Borstein Enterprises
"Rob was great!"
Project Manager
"Everything just worked! In fact our doors opened ahead of schedule, enabling us to exceed first month revenue. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Richard."
Director of Operation
National Research Institute
"Thanks for sending Rob Wilson to help with our Dropbox challenges. He did a great job sorting through the issues in layman’s terms."
Three Wishes Foundation
"Richard, thank you again for your consistently reliable and professional help. I was able to enjoy my vacation without any worries."
Operations Manager
"As usual, Kevin and MBSG rode in and saved our day! Kevin has a knack for calming nerves"
"Thank you Andrew. Very professional. Keeping me on track."
Burke Williams Spas
"Kevin is good at answering and explaining the questions that I had.”"
Accounting Manager
Salzers Video
"Chris is great.. always a life saver for my business."
Coastal Skin Care
"As usual, very satisifed. Axel he so knowledgeable. He hellped me resolve multiple issues with general ledger ... and Sage 100"
C.A. Buchen Company
"Arthur-san was very much helpful. Honor to his family."
Garage Equipment Supply
"Agent 99 is Awesome!"
Sharon Hartz
Valley View Coins
"Axel. Thank you so much. You're a genius!"
Artemis Meghdadi
Demand Planner
Caesarstone USA
"Dave has a great attitude and is always happy to help. He fixed all of the issues we had so far."
Molly Kuhns
"If I was in an airplane and the pilot had a heart attack, I'd trust Richard to walk me through the landing process. He's got an amazing gift. I'm pretty sure that he can see my computer screen AND read my mind at the same time."
"Chris is a life saver. Without her, I'd still be in the corner in a fetal position. Super duper, totally awesome."
Peggy Dawes
Superior Door & Window
"Wonderful guys Kevin and Richard. Thanks so much."
Eleanor Serrano
C.A. Buchen Corp
"Chris is great! Thanks."
Cathy Soper
Synchro Aircraft International
"Chris is fantastic!"
Kait McLaughlin
Franklin Educational Services
"Andrew is the best! He has always been there to fix any issue I have with the software. My customer service department has improved productivity and customer response time due to his enhancements."
Brown-Jordan International
"As always, Andrew is knowledgeable, friendly, and great to work with."
Business Manager
Enclume Design Products
"Richard is extremely nice and professional."
Halena Le
A. Rudin Design
"Very Good. Besides showing details on the system, Andrew provided an overall understanding of the implementation process."
Luis Hidalgo
Star Waggons
"I called Chris with several nagging issues. As usual Chris helped us resolve problems."
Susan Goodhand
Euroimmun USA
"Forget Romney and Obama. I'm voting for Richard!"
Baroda Ventures
"Andrew, just to let you and Bob know how helpful you were with our problems today. I got a lot out of the conversation and have shared the information with others here."
Phyllis Allen
Steven Enterprises
"I have worked with Andrew Hagenbach in the last few years and I would like to express my great gratitude for job well done. The dedication and effort which he has put into for completing projects always on time and to a high standard are above and beyond his call of duty. He always goes the extra mile to get things done."
KaMan Chan
KeyCode Media
"Andrew has been extremely helpful with excellent results in ERP solutions. He brings to the table a set of skills specifically that one looks for when hiring a consultant. His ability to work with the customer in a positive and professional manner puts Andrew on the top of my recommendation list. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative."
Jim Bauer
PMC, Inc.
"Axel, thank you and great job for the work you do for Marmalade. I truly appreciate your effort and efficiency. It is such a night and day difference from our last service provider. Everything is matching exactly what I wanted."
Eric L. Gonzales
HR · Payroll · Benefits
Marmalade Cafe
"Richard, i can't begin to tell you how much you are appreciated here. It really worked out with the computer configuration you arranged."
Steve Huston
Accounting Manager
"Things are going very well on the import/export jobs with Axel. He is a pleasure to work with. I already put the results into action."
Liz Atheron
Baroda Ventures, LLC
"The MBSG iteam is one of our greatest assets! They address our needs in a timely manner. We couldn't operate to fullest potential without them!"
Tricia Blaine
"It's like a weight has been lifted. I am going to get a massage now. Thanks Axel."
Marissa Bentley
Accounting Manager
Fruit Growers Lab
"Thank you Richard and Mark. This MAS500 upgrade and server migration is so smooth. We have been able to focus on responding to sales and not worry about infrastructure."
Evelyn Grinnell
Director of Operations
"Axel is the best! Always helpful and always patient and nice about everything."
Keri Harada
Music Express
"Chris was able to do exactly what i needed to facilitate my accounting. I love her."
Sharon Marshal
Coastal Skin Care
"Chris is THE Supreme Goddess!"
Peggy Dawers
Superior Door
"Axel answered all my questions and walked me through the correct process. We are very happy with your services."
Julie Vandergrift
Office Manager
Renco Sales
"Richard is awesome!"
Office Manager
"Andrew is terrific - resourceful, creative, patient."
Russ Packer
American Faucet
"This certificate presented to Kevin Bowe, MVC (Most Valuable Consultant) for his constant dedication, support, guidance and very hard work! Much appreciated."
Jessica Breton
General Manager
"Chris, you've changed the course of this facility for sure and we will all be more efficient as a result.Thanks for all of your great direction and assistance."
Steve Faller
Warehouse Manager
Galileo Learning
"Our manufacturing, production and inventory management has tremendously improved thanks to Sage MAS 200 and the vast business & technology knowledge and skills at MBSG."
Landon Halloway
General Manager
"Christine has been the key to making this significant transition as painless as possible. Her patience, tenacity and superb teaching skills have been extremely critical to our process. We are also grateful for the assistance that Axel has lent us."
Sandra Bishop
Senior Concerns
"I have worked with Richard for a few years now on various IT and network projects for our company. All work that was performed by him has been nothing short of impeccable. His ability to quickly analyze problems and identify solutions is truly amazing. I highly recommend Richard for any type of work related to information technology."
Rob Wilson
Director of IT
"Thank you for taking the necessary steps to save $$."
Roy Kuris
Logistics Manager
"What a pleasure it is to work with the MBSG team. Every member we interface with is professional, patient and supportive. We know this project has been a herculean event and at times has appeared impossible, but we are making progress and know that we could not have done it without your company."
Paula Muesse
Vice President
"We value the long-term relationship with a Consultant who really cares about us. We were looking for a Sage MAS90 expert, but found much more. I appreciate the business experience, practical recommendations, and personal service."
Jay Rubin
Norman S. Wright
"The efficiency gains are huge. We have eliminated excess overhead and minimized our labor costs. We are 100 percent better off than we were before. Bob understands our operation and we trust him implicitly to steer us in the right direction and assemble the right team to take us to the next step."
Evelyn Grinnell
Director of Operations
A. Rudin
"I appreciate MBSG's philosophy of empowering the end user to learn the software to the point where they are only as reliant on the consultant as much as they wish to be. Your company is not out to make itself indispensable, and yet ...has created a partnership for the long term."
Richard M
"Thank you for taking care of us."
Ruby Avecilla
Coastal States Management
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