Case Study - Sage Electric Company

Electrical Contractor Praises MBSG and Sage MAS 90 for Quality Service and Stability


Sage Electric Company offers construction, engineering and design services for the aerospace, educational, hospitality, commercial and industrial industries.

The continued growth and success of the company requires that management get accurate, reliable, timely and professional-looking project management reports – required for internal and external reporting requirements.


Sage MAS 90 Business Management Software provided Sage Electric with the tools needed to generate quality professional-looking reports and the ability to accurately and timely track “Budgeted-vs-Actual” cost and revenue on a per job-project basis.

Sage Electric uses Sage MAS 90 to:

  • Track actual units / cost vs- Budgeted units / cost by Job/Phase
  • Track percentage of completion by Job/Phase
  • Track retentions receivable and payable by Job
  • Charge and track cost by category for each Job/Phase
  • Capture and charge labor hours by Job/Phase
  • Monitor employee performance by Job/Phase
  • Track Gross Margin by Job
  • General Accounts Receivable functions
  • General Accounts Payable functions
  • General Accounting functions
  • Generate Professional-Looking Management reports (Using Crystal Reports)

Proven business processes and procedures, developed with MBSG’s assistance, allows Sage Electric to timely and efficiently prepare reliable monthly job-cost, project and accounting reports.