Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Update 'Breaks'

Sage 100 and 300

Best Practices for Windows Updates

Microsoft is accelerating their Windows 10 update schedule. This includes


  • Routine Windows updates, including security patches

  • Features update. For 2017, Microsoft calls this the “Creators Update” for Windows 10

This blog article describes known issues and provides best practices for managing Windows 10 Creators updates.


Windows Creators Update 'Breaks' Sage 300

Installing Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 caused Sage 300 to stop running. Temporary workaround: Run Sage 300 as an administrator, to attach to the database serve. Hopefully, Sage and Microsoft will develop a permanent fix.  It is generally not wise to run accounting software as an administrator for daily use.


Windows Creators Update 'Breaks' Sage 100


Installing the Windows 10 Creators update 1703 ‘broke’ the Paperless Office\PDF feature in Sage 100. To restore functionality, reinstall the Sage 100 Paperless Office program.


Windows Creators Update 'Breaks' Sage 100

In general, for cyber security we recommend that clients install routine Windows 10 updates as soon as they are available, to protect against viruses and other malware. However, for Windows 10 Creators updates, we recommend more caution. Currently, there are too many instances of the Windows 10 Creators update ‘breaking’ the mission-critical software that your company relies upon. 

Best Practices to Install and Test Windows Creators Update

First, install the updates on one computer, to test before rolling out to all comptuers. Details follow.


  1. Install Windows 10 Creators updates on a test PC.
  2. Have one User test all of the programs for a day or so.
  3. If the testing shows no issues – then roll out the updates to the rest of the network.
  4. If there are issues, have your IT team utilize one of the Microsoft tools to delay the update to the rest of the computers. Research and resolve incompatibilities.



Software publishers that waited a long time to test on new Windows versions will need to step up their game.  Microsoft is promising at least two major updates to Windows 10 each year. For more information on Microsoft updates strategy and version retirement policies, here is an article from

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