Security Tip: Use Password Software to Manage your Login Credentials.

Sure, the purists advise us to haveseparatepasswords for each site we visit, and never re-use passwords. Great advice, but in the real world not always practical.

Therefore, many of us revert to less secure practices, such as a small group of passwords that we rotate based on low vs. high security web sites like bank accounts.

With different password rules on different websites, many of us reach the point where we need to 'write down' somewhere, login names and passwords.

Rather than a hand-written list (or an Excel file),  we recommend that you use password software such as Roboform (www.roboform.com) or LastPass (https://lastpass.com).

Beyond passwords, you can store other sensitive information such as social security numbers, birth dates, gate lock combinations, airline and hotel membership credential, etc.

Once you start using password manager software, you will find new uses and wonder how you got along without it.

TIP: With password manager software, you will be need a very, very secure master password or pass phrase. Don't pick anything less than 16 characters.