QuickBooks 2015 Upgrade Warning

Recommendation: Do NOT update to QuickBooks 2015-- unless you have fully assessed the risks. 

Intuit has started to release QB 2015 R1 and will continue in waves over the next few days. Unsolicited prompts to 'upgrade now'  will appear as users launch QuickBooks.

QuickBooks 2015, release 1 is particularly nasty for organizations that are using Intuit Merchant Services or Intuit Payment Network (IPN).

Many early adopters are having problems with the integrated Intuit Merchant Services downloads.  Additionally, Intuit has discontinued the IPN service entirely in the 2015 version!  It is not yet clear if Intuit intends to replace that feature or abandon it completely.


Consulting Advice Beyond QuickBooks 2015

Many QuickBooks gurus including our own Christine Steele advise clients to never install R1 of any QuickBooks version---unless it is absolutely required, such as a brand new purchase.  Even then, there are circumstances where it is better to purchase last year's version and upgrade later.