MBSG Relieves Bookkeeping Headaches with Outsourced Accounting Support Services

Does your organization have accounting staff at the right level and affordable  cost?

Over the years, we have trained dozens of bookeepers and accounting clerks on how to use accounting software (QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS90, and others). What we find is that:

  • Training staff on how to use accounting software is relatively painless and quick.
  • Training staff on accounting/bookeeping principles (debits and credits)  can be very time-consuming.

If the client does not have accounting departmetnt staff with sufficient experience, training time and costs rise quickly.

On the flip side, if the client  hires controller with sufficient skills, sometimes the costs are too high for the organization to bear.  

A happy solution can be to engage outsourced support services to supplement internal accounting clerks. This can improve the quality and timeliness of financial reporting, while lowering overall costs.  

For a PDF  success story on how MBSG helped the Cancer Support Community with Accounting Support Services, click here.


The Cancer Support Community (CSC) delivers compassionate support services to cancer pateints and their families, all free of charge.

Internally however, the organization was suffering with the pains of bookkeeping and accounting functions. When CSC first contacted MBSG

  • They had unaudited accounting records for two years.
  • They were unable to deliver required schedules to the auditors.
  • Lack of timely financials constrained funding opportunities.

Management lacked a clear view of financial status.  


With outsrouced Accounting Services from MBSG, CSC completes financial reporting and certified audits on time. CSC can submit and receive grant approvals faster. CSC maintains good stewardship to support their mission.

MBSG consultant Christine Steele helped CSC cure their bookkeeping headaches. She

  • Organized and cleaned up their books and records.
  • Reconfigured accounting structure to meet needs.
  • Trained internal staff to code and enter transactions to support fund accounting.
  • Performs monthly review and provides adjustments.
  • Reconciles bank statements.
  • Prepares monthly accounting reports for the Board of Directors
  • Attends and supports finance committee meetings.

ABOUT THE CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY The Cancer Support Community (Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara) helps people with cancer and their loved ones enhance their health and well-being. CSC provides professional programs of emotional support, education, and hope.  

For additional information on CSC, vist www.cancersupportvvsb.org