MAS90 / MAS200 Version 4.50 Alert

MAS90 / MAS 200 Software Alert
Version 4.5 is Great. But Wait!

  If you are considering an upgrade to MAS90/MAS200 version 4.50, we suggest waiting until March 2012.  Technical issues include:

  • Daily Sales Journal Update Problem
  • Migration to Version 4.50 Problem

Daily Sales Journal Update Problem.

We have been working with Sage Software on problems with the Daily Sales Journal Update passing duplicate entries to the General Ledger. Currently, Sage has a manual work-around. However, it will be a few more weeks before Sage releases a final fix.

Migration to version 4.50 problem.

If you are currently on MAS90/MAS200 v4.40.0.7 or earlier, and migrated from an earlier version of MAS, you likely have inventory transaction details causing some confusion. Working with several clients and Sage Software Technical Support, we have identified the source of bad records, developed software patches, and database repair procedures to fix the situation. You need Service Pack 8 for v4.40 and a few hours of work to clean it all up.


If you have already upgraded to MAS90/MAS200 version 4.5 and you want help with the manual work-around process, MBSG can help..

  • MBSG clients.  Call your MAS90/MAS200 support consultant. Or call the MBSG Technical Support Line (818 338-7210).
  • Not currently an MBSG client?  Call 818 338-7220 to arrange support.

If you are not sure what version and service pack of MAS90/200 is currently installed, follow these steps:

  • Launch MAS90/MAS200
  • From the top menu bar, select "Help"
  • Select  "About MAS"