Key Security Beyond Cyber Security

Keys and Physical Security

Beyond Cyber Security


Now, anyone can take a picture of your key and make an exact duplicate.


Services like present a major challenge for security professionals. has a smartphone app that allows you to digitally scan any key and make a real, physical copy.

  • Handy for you. To make spare keys.
  • Dangerous for you.  Anyone with 30 seconds access to your key can make a duplicate.

With services like, you can open an app on your phone, put the key against a white background, take a picture, and voila!

Email the image to and they will mail you a physical key. Or, you can print a key at one of their 2,200 self-service kiosks. even duplicates keys marked “Do Not Duplicate”.


Security Recommendations


As with most technology, convenience comes with an increase in security risk.

  • Ensure your keys do not leave your possession.
  • For computer rooms and other restricted access locations, install a keypad on the door.
  • Where appropriate, add video surveillance. For best protection, install a device that sends images immediately upon movement

Security Lesson Learned


Technology marches on— for good and for bad. MacGyver showed us that you could copy a key with a clay mold. But that required technical expertise. Today, all you need is a cell phone.

Guard your keys, to be secure


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