Are IT Monsters Sneaking Up on You?
MBSG IT Consultants Recently Addressed and Removed These Threats


QuickBooks Slow With Frequent Freeze Ups

Company made multiple calls to Intuit, with no solution. Upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise did not resolve. Internal IT could not find the problem.


Company called MBSG. Our IT and QuickBooks experts traced freezing and reboot symptoms to the root causes. They found underlying configuration problems on the network. Also adjusted settings within QuickBooks. Monster gone.



Critical Sales Order Program Crashing
Due to Failing Server

No Replacement Parts Available for Server,
Program Will Not Run On a Modern Server

Catch-22. The programmer estimated 4-8 months to upgrade the program onto a modern server. However, with a failing server there was no time to wait. Company 100% depends on this software. CEO said that without it they could be out of business.


Company called MBSG IT Consultants. To overcome the Catch-22 Monster, we recommended a strategy called Physical to Virtual (P to V) conversion of the server onto new hardware. 

First, we deployed a  new physical server. Then we deployed a 'Virtual Sever' inside this box. We configured the Virtual Server to match their failing physical server (DOS era). With this strategy, Company could safely continue to run their mission-critical programs.

We removed the risk of a failing physical server. This gave the programmer the lead time he needed to reprogram and upgrade 

Notable:  MBSG often uses this  Physical-to-Virtual (P to V) strategy at other clients-- to save them from similar Monsters threatening their business.


Business Owner Wants Independent Assessment
of IT Network and Potential 'Cloud' Strategy 

Servers were old. IT Manager submitted a budget to replace and upgrade.

Business Owner wondered if he should consider a 'cloud' strategy instead.

Owner recognized that his IT Manager had worked at the same company a long time. Not necessarily up to date on newer technologies. Owner sought outside opinions.

Owner relayed that he likes and trusts the IT manager. He was not looking to outsource the IT functions, as other IT firms had proposed.


MBSG IT consultants provided an independent assessment of the network environment.  Based on business goals and plans, we provided a comparative analysis of 'cloud' vs. on-premise infrastructure. Company selected the hybrid solution that we recommended. Monster tamed.

Note: Although MBSG provides outsourced IT support for many clients, we are also quite adept at collaboration with incumbent IT staff and third parties. We routinely train and support IT staff and management on technology that is outside their scope of expertise.

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