For Cyber Security

Filter Out Malicious Emails

Before They Reach Your Inbox

Cyber Security for your email is a critical defense against crooks and ransomware. Per recent studies, over 80% of Cyber attacks start with email.


Even with the best technology defenses on your network, you are at risk. If a human clicks on a malicious email, the cyber crooks can steal or ‘lock up’ your data to hold you ransom. Standard Anti-virus software will only catch a small fraction of malicious emails that target users.


To add an important layer of protection, we recommend that our clients deploy email filtering software.


In previous blog articles on cybersecurity, we talked about two categories of cyber security defenses.

  • IT Security defenses on your network
  • User ‘awareness training’ to lower the risk of humans clicking on malicious email.

Once a malicious email reaches the inbox, the risk increases that someone will click on an email that causes damage. Email filtering is an IT Security defense.


Email filtering software inspects email messages for malicious attachments or malicious URL’s and embedded links. Email filtering blocks and quarantines suspicious messages before they reach the inbox. The software continuously identifies new threats and adapts.

Users can review quarantined emails for ‘false-positives’, like a junk email folder. As a bonus benefit, after deploying email filtering software, the volume of messages reaching the inbox usually drops dramatically.

Popular offerings for email filtering software include Proofpoint, Barracuda, ModusCloud, Roaring Penguin. Software vendors offer a range of threat protection and analysis features. There are special considerations for Gmail and Office 365 email.


If you have questions about email filtering or Cyber Security protections for your business, contact IT security experts at MBSG.