Security Tip: Encrypt Your Portable Devices

Although security purists would advise you to never carry around devices with sensitive data, this is often impractical.

We need our address book, our calendar, and sometimes login names, passwords, and other sensitive data.

Sure, we would hate to have someone steal our device. Yet theft of the device is trivial compared to the time and aggravation it will take to deal with data theft or identity theft. Imagine if everyone in your contact list received an email from YOUR Email address  with solicitation for adult materials. Not good.

One easy and effective level of protection is to encrypt your portable devices.  Although this sounds scary or hard, it is not.

For Android devices, you can encrypt via settings (Settings, Device, More, Encrypt Device).  

For Microsoft Windows laptops and tablests, a good choice of encryption software is Symantec Endpoint Protection. http://buy.symantec.com/estore/clp/productdetails/pk/endpoint-encryption.

For Apple computers and laptops, change settings to encrypt (System Preferences, Security, FileVault).

For iPhones (iOS 8 and above) encryption is built-in. No action required from you to enable it.

ALERT: In some countries, it is a crime to bring in an encrypted laptop. While the laws are often not enforced against inviduals, the risk remains.  Check US State Department bulletins.