Don't Be the Next CryptoWall Victim
Ransom or Recovery is Very Expensive

CryptoWall is a serious new virus that locks your files and demands ransom. Business Owners and Managers -- not just IT experts -- need to pay attention.  

We received many calls this week from CryptoWall victims. CrytoWall infects computers and encrypts your files so you can't read them.  

Unlike earlier strains of this virus, anti-virus and anti-spam software dos not yet detect CryptoWall. Worse, some protections against an earlier version of this virus no longer work.

Worse yet, CyrptoWall infects PDF files!   

To date there is no known cure. Only prevention and reverting to uninfected backups--if you have one.  


The best preventions include:

  • Make sure that you maintain current and verified backup, prior to the infection.
  • Make sure that your firewall hardware and software is current and up to date.
  • Train User to not open file attachments, including PDF's, unless they are expected and from a known source.
  • Install and configure appropriate 'group polices on the workstations and servers.
    (This takes technical skills, however it is one of your best protections).

If you want help from MBSG-IT experts reviewing or deploying these protections, contact us at 818 865-1373 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If CryptoWall locks your files, recovery can be full or partial.  Major steps include:

  • Immediately power down the computer(s) where you observe infection. 
  • Engage an IT expert to assess and address the situation 
  • Proceed with the steps outlined above under PREVENTION. 
  • Find and most recent backup prior to infection. Assess status and completeness.
  • If a usable backup is not available, consider other options--including paying the ransom to CryptoWall. 

If you want help from MBSG-IT experts to help you recover valuable data, contact us at 818 865-1373 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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