QuickBooks Backup - Best Practices

Best Practices For

QuickBooks Backup

For most businesses, we recommend that your IT staff or consultant configure automatic backups of your entire system. However, backing up QuickBooks files using server backup software is not enough.

Beyond the network-level backups, we recommend that companies also perform frequent backups from within QuickBooks, using the QuickBooks menu.


The reason we make this recommendation is becuase the QuickBooks backup function also performs file maintenance.  This file maintenance helps protect the integrity of your data files.


Here are Steps To Backup From Within QuickBooks

1. If your QuickBooks is in Multi-User mode, switch QuickBooks to Single-User mode. Make sure all other users are out of QuickBooks.


Select File>Switch to Single-User Mode


2. Select File >Backup Company> Create Local Backup


3. From the next window, select Local backup and Options buttons


QB Backup 1.jpg


4. In the next screen, browse to the location where you want to store your QuickBooks backups. This should be a folder on your server that the server backs up every day.


QB Backup 2A.JPG


5. Make the selections below.

    - Be sure to check 'Add date and time'
    - Be sure to check 'Limit the number of backup copies'
    - Be sure to select 'Complete Verification'
    - Select 'Remind me', if you want the reminder.

Click OK


QB Backup 2B.JPG


6. QuickBooks will warn if this location is on the same drive as the data.

Note: If the backup location is on the same drive as the server, the nightly backup will capture the file. Click 'Use this location'


QB Backup 4.jpg


7. On the screen below, click Next.


QB Backup 5.jpg


8. On the screen below, select 'Save it now' and click Next


QB Backup6.jpg


9. Confirm the location where QuickBooks will store the backup.

Notice thay the backup name includes: company name, 'Backup', date, and time — with extension .QBB(QuickBooks Backup). Click Save.


QB Backup7.jpg


10. QuickBooks will begin the "Data Verification" process.


QB Backup8.jpg


11.  If the file passess data verification, QuickBooks will launch the backup automatically.

If the backup completes, QuickBooks will display a message confirming that the backup was complete.


QB Backup9.jpg

Note: Quickbooks will also display the date and time of our last backup on the home page.


What if Verify Data fails?

If the Verify Data fails, run the Rebuild Utility three times.

    File>Utilities>Rebuild Data

Follow the prompts, do this three times.


(Not sure why the magic of three times. However, we have repeatedly noticed that this usually does the trick).


If after three attempts your file still fails data verifications, Contact MBSG for help.




In addition to the network-level backup, we recommend that you back up your QuickBooks file from within QuickBooks, each day that you use QuickBooks. This routine preventative maintenance can save you hours or days of file repair time and grief.


If you have questions about using QuickBooks in your business, contact the experienced trainers and consultants at MBSG. Contact MBSG