Guest Wi-Fi and Cyber Security

Best Practices for Guest Wi-Fi

Cyber Security Tip

Does your company provide Guest Wi-Fi for visitors, vendors, consultants, or others? If so, how secure are you from prying eyes on your corporate network?


You might be surprised to learn – not very.

Many of the companies we visit provide wi-fi access for visitors. Very convenient and thoughtful. However, often not safe.


For enhanced cyber security, we strongly recommend that companies segregate their public Wi-Fi from the corporate network.


Users often ask ‘if we have a strong password on the wireless network, isn’t that sufficient protection? In short, no. Requiring a password for access is a great first step. However, not sufficient to protect your corporate data and secrets.

In our Cyber Security Assessments, we frequently find the wireless network to be a major vulnerability. Often, relatively easy to attack –even for novice hackers within range.


Summary: How To Safely Set Up Guest Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi network and your corporate network share the same router, you are at risk. To close the vulnerability, we recommend that your IT team configure a separate router for guest Wi-Fi.


Details: How to Safely Set Up Guest Wi-Fi

In most cases, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will supply five fixed IP addresses. We suggest using one IP address for the Corporate firewall/router and a separate IP address for the guest firewall/network.


Fixed IP

If you have only one Fixed IP address that is not ideal. However, there are workarounds toenhance your IT cyber security.


For example, you can use a more sophisticated Wi-Fi device (such as Meraki from Cisco). This device allows you to route the Guest Wi-Fi traffic into a VLAN or ‘Virtual Lan’, to segregate the Wi-Fi traffic from the corporate LAN.


For Wi-Fi security outside your office or home office, we strongly recommend that you avoid public Wi-Fi.

For additional details, see our blog article



Protect your systems, data, and corporate secrets by segregating your corporate network from your wireless network.


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