Eemail backup with Office 365

True or False

Microsoft is Backing Up Your Office 365 emails?

Answer: Limited, not the full protection many assume.


Microsoft provides limited data replication for about 30 days. However, limited replication may not cover common situations where you want to recover an email you inadvertently deleted.


Microsoft replicates Office 365 data primarily to protect against hardware failure in their data centers. This is not the same as backing up the data. If a user or malicious program deletes or corrupts data, that corruption or missing data replicates across multiple servers. This is a problem if the User wants to restore specific data, outside the policies and retention period in place at the time.


Complicating the risk, a recent study found that 64% of data lost was unintentional User action!


What can you do to ‘get your data back’ when you need it?


First of all, there are various archiving features available within Office 365 for compliance, archiving and legal hold. Note: some features might require a license upgrade.


Second, users can purchase/subscribe to third-party services that provide extended and true backup for Office 365. Popular services include Backupify by Datto, Veeam Backup for Office 365, SkyKick, and Spanning Backup for Office 365.


More and more companies are moving email to the cloud with Office 365. With cloud services, providers like Microsoft relieve companies of considerable IT maintenance burden and cost. This is wonderful. However, the downside includes false expectations of the business risk to the company from unrecoverable emails and other data. Whether companies store data on-premise or in-the-cloud, Owners and Managers need to understand the risks to business continuity, and design effective contingency plans.


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