We Design and Support the Systems That Run Your Business

Software Consulting, Implementation, Training, and Support

  • Need software for accounting, inventory control, bar coding, warehouse management, distribution, manufacturing, ecommerce, forecasting/planning, CRM, or integration with other systems?
  • Outgrown QuickBooks? Want options to replace or extend QuickBooks with plug-in modules?
  • Need custom reporting or integration with other software?
  • Want automated processes to streamline and simplify existing workflow?
  • Want automated processes to avoid adding staff?

IT Strategy, Security, and Support

  • Need support for IT systems, infrastructure, and connected devices?
  • Considering cloud vs. in-your-office systems?
  • Planning an IT upgrade or office move?
  • Your IT support not reliable, not proactive?
  • Lingering, unresolved IT problems?

IT Security Assessments

  • Concerned about cyber crooks locking up your data for ransom?
  • Have sensitive information on your system such as social security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards, birth dates, tax information?
  • Customer or insurance company asking you to attest that you have implemented sufficient IT security?
  • Want an independent assessment from security experts on your security risks and vulnerabilities?