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Information Technology Strategy and IT Support
system is down scream

That #%&# Computer
  • Frustrated with S-L-O-W  systems?
  • Disrupted by system freeze ups?
  • Not Sure if you have a usable and current backup?
  • Concerned that the IT guy is not advising you on the latest technology?
  • Worried that the next upgrade project will be as painful as the last one?
  • Planning a move or upgrade? Computers, phones, infrastructure?
  • Wondering if 'cloud computing' would help your business?

 For help,call MBSG at 818 865-1373
What Clients Say About MBSG IT Consultants
"I call, they come, they fix. End of Story."
Brett Armstrong,
Integrated Display Technology
"The MBSG team is one of our greatest assets! We couldn't operate to full potential without them!"
Tricia Blaine, Manager
Optimum Performance Institute
"If I was in an airplane and the pilot had a heart attack, I'd trust Richard to walk me through the landing process. He's got an amazing gift. I'm pretty sure that he can see my computer screen AND read my mind at the same time."
"Dave has a great attitude. He fixed all of the issues we had."
Molly Kuhns
Manager, Hollyhock
Experts in
Information Technology

MBSG Provides
IT Strategy and IT Support
  • Information Technology  Strategy
  • Network & Infrastructure Support - On site or Remote
  • Evaluate Cloud vs. On-Premise
  • Integrate Windows and Mac Workstations
  • Plan and coordinate a move or upgrade-- computers, phones, infrastructure.
  • Support Tablet and Smart phone access
  • 24/7 monitoring of vital systems
  • VMware and Virtual Systems
  • Backup and Recovery Systems

For help, call
818 865-1373